June 13, 2012

Detox Cleanse Day 3

Woooo! I finished my 3-day Kaeng Raeng cleanse! What a great feeling. This was my first time doing a cleanse, and it will definitely not be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the Kaeng Raeng cleanse was a great detox for a first-timer like me.

For those of you that haven't read my previous posts about this cleanse, Kaeng Raeng is a meal replacement cleanse that comes in the form of a powder that you put into water or juice. There are different levels and I did the beginner 3-day cleanse. It was super easy. All I had to do was drink one pouch (there are three different fruit flavors to choose from) with water or juice, three times per day.

This cleanse can help you lose weight, aid digestion, help clear out the toxins in your body, and so much more. This cleanse is vegan, gluten-free, and caffeine-free. Each pouch contains fruit, fiber, soy protein, live probiotic cultures, and vitamins. It is all natural!

I know I've said it a million times, but this cleanse was so easy to do. It was so convenient. I got a Kaeng Raeng reusable water bottle-like container with my program. It had lines on it to tell you how much water or juice to use with each pouch. It was a no-brainer! It was great for working women like myself. I just poured in a pouch and some water and drank it at work! 

The past three days have been easy-peasy for me. This cleanse caused no stress in my life (though it may have stressed out my boyfriend as he didn't know what to eat since I wasn't cooking for three days!). Life was business as usual and I didn't feel any weird side affects from doing the cleanse. I never felt hunger, though I did eat lots of fruits and veggies (you can do that on this cleanse, isn't that awesome?!). I did miss eating my raw brownies and vegan mac n' cheese, but I wasn't suffering.

I will be completely honest with the fact that I never quite enjoyed the taste. Besides my fruit smoothies that I love, I have never been a huge fan of fruit, and it can be a chore getting me to eat my daily dose of fruit (I know I'm weird, I can't help it, I love broccoli). I think this cleanse was just a fruit over-dose for me, which I think was a good thing. While I might not have loved the taste of the different pouches, I'm sure fruit-lovers will.

Since my diet is pretty strict already, I really wasn't eating too differently, except that grains, beans, and nuts were eliminated. With that said, I probably wouldn't do this cleanse again for quite some time, simply because I don't think my body needs it. I do however think that this cleanse would be absolutely wonderful for someone who is struggling to eat healthier. If you feel like your diet is making you sluggish and slowing you down, doing this cleanse would be a great jumpstart to your healthy eating journey. I would definitely recommend this cleanse!

So finally, thanks Kaeng Raeng for an easy, no-hassle, first cleanse experience!


  1. This detox drink is life saver seriously.I have also tried this detox tried upon your recommendation and found it so helpful in weight loss regime.