Hi, I'm Lindsay! I'm a twenty-something, and while I grew up in upstate New York, and also lived in North Carolina and Virginia, I now reside in Merida, Mexico. I spent two years working in animal cruelty investigations for a large animal rights organization. In January of 2016, I left my job to travel and since then I've traveled to every country in Central America, and have now settled myself in Mexico. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina in Asheville. I became vegetarian when I was about 12 years old and my original reason was rooted in not wanting to support animal cruelty. I was a junk food vegetarian throughout my teenage years, eating a lot of frozen dinners and processed foods. While I wanted to be healthy (I also stopped drinking soda at the age of 12) I didn't really know much about how to eat and prepare healthy food, plus I was the only vegetarian in my family. It wasn't until I got to college and started watching documentaries and reading books that I became aware of the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet, as well as the fact that a lot of horrendous animal cruelty goes on in dairy and egg production. I went vegan when I was 19 and never looked back. I am also really passionate about yoga, photography, and cooking, and hope to become a certified yoga teacher in the next few years.

For me, being vegan and gluten-free is not just a diet, it is a whole body, life-long lifestyle that has helped me with many struggles. I have dealt with a lot of physical and mental health issues over the years. I have Celiac Disease, hypothyroidism, cystic acne, and a condition called vasovagal syncope. I was hospitalized for a ruptured cyst on my ovary in 2013. I've also dealt with anxiety for most of my life. I am now working on natural remedies for the inside and outside of my body, and the process has been quite a roller coaster. Part of becoming vegan for me was becoming aware of more holistic healing, such as meditation and yoga.

Since going vegan and seeing the wonderful benefits, I have helped others do the same. After watching all the documentaries with me, my boyfriend went vegan. He is still vegan today! I also helped my mom transition to veganism, and now even my dad eats a mostly vegan diet. The more I watched movies and read books, the more passionate I became, and after helping others go vegan, I realized that this lifestyle was where my passion lay. I went through Cornell's Plant-Based Nutrition program, which is done by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Getting that certificate fueled my passion even more. I also went through Victoria Moran's Mainstreet Vegan Academy and became a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator. This program was incredibly life changing. With the schooling I have done, and my love and obsession for all things vegan, healthy, and eco-friendly, I hope to someday open my own little health food store/cafe/wellness center, where I can spread the love and make people feel their healthiest and happiest. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and please send me an email or comment with any thoughts, questions, or concerns! 


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