June 12, 2012

Detox Cleanse Day 2

It's day two and let me say that this cleanse is just so easy to do. It's pretty amazing how I don't feel hunger at all. Though I will admit, I do miss quinoa and brown rice. What can I say? I looooove grains! I'm feeling good though, lighter perhaps. Like I said yesterday, I'm not trying to lose weight on this cleanse, though you certainly could if that was your goal. I am eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and do not feel like I've lost any weight. I just feel...cleaned out! haha

I had a bit of a headache last night and this morning, but that might be due to the fact that I am slightly lacking in sleep and a little stressed with work. Plus, I was babysitting an adorable little rabbit for a week. Anywho, the only problem I am still having is with the taste. I can't quite get the drinks to taste right. Tomorrow I will try some of the recipes on the Kaeng Raeng website and see how it goes.

Overall, I'm feeling good and going strong! Check back tomorrow night for my final detox update and official review!

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