March 11, 2013

Steven the Vegan: A Children's Book Review

Steven the Vegan

So as you guessed, life is crazy right now. I wanted to get a post up today though about a new children's book that promotes veganism. There are so few vegan books that are geared towards children, that it is so exciting and refreshing when a new one comes out. Author Dan Bodenstein and illustrator Ron Robrahn have created an absolutely adorable book called Steven the Vegan, about a boy named Steven who takes a class field trip to a farm sanctuary. When his friends find out he is vegan, Steven uses the opportunity to teach his friends about what veganism is and where meat, dairy, and eggs come from. Steven explains to his friends why he chooses to see all animals as his friends and in the end, some of his friends even decide that they too want to stop eating animals.

Steven the Vegan is written with a gentle, loving, and positive tone, enlightening children about where animal products come from without scaring them with harsh picture or negative language. Steven the Vegan focuses on the teaching of Steven's friends in a loving way about not eating animals, and doesn't judge or guilt those who do eat meat. Steven's compassion for the animals is an important part of the book's lesson, showing children the importance of being kind and loving to all animals on our planet. The book shows animals in a cute and adorable light, which keeps the book fun and entertaining for children.

Another important element, is that it shows vegan children how to explain to their friends what it means to be vegan and why they choose to be vegan. This is so important, because there are so many stereotypes and misunderstandings of what being vegan means, and sometimes those with diets that differ from the norm end up being bullied. It is essential for children who are vegan to be able to comfortably and confidently explain their diet choices to others.

This book is the perfect mix of adorable fun and an important educational opportunity for children. I would recommend this book to any and everyone (hey, is there anything wrong with being in your twenties and still enjoying a good educational picture book every now and then!?). This book is a great chance for parents to empower their young children about veganism, where meat comes from, and how to tell their friends. Happy reading!

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