May 24, 2012

5 Books That Make Going Vegan Easy

Hey guys! Guess what? I have some exciting news! Today I had an article published on the MindBodyGreen website. It is a fantastic website for all things related to health and yoga. I absolutely love this website, so I am super excited to have my article posted on the it! Please check out my article and let me know what you think. Thanks! Here is a link to the article. P.S. chia pudding recipe, as well as more raw dessert recipes coming soon!


  1. It was a great article! That is how I found your blog. I'm just starting my vegan journey. I went out and bought the cookbooks you suggested in the article! I love them. Thanks so much :-)

  2. Beth, I am so glad you love the cookbooks! You are very welcome! Good luck on your vegan journey and if you have any questions or concerns, I'd love to help!