March 18, 2012

Linguine with Tomato Sauce and Beans

For dinner tonight, I made a delicious and very easy pasta dish.

 All you need is:
-8oz package of linguine
-jar of tomato sauce
-15oz can of great northern beans

Just cook the package of linguine as directed on the box. My favorite brand is Ancient Harvest. I don't eat gluten and this brand has a delicious quinoa-corn blend linguine. Meanwhile in another saucepan, heat up half a jar of tomato sauce (my favorite is Newman's Own tomato basil). Drain and rinse the can of great northern beans, and put them into the tomato sauce. Once the pasta, sauce, and beans are done (the sauce should be lightly steaming), pour the sauce and beans into the linguine pot and serve immediately! Simple and delicious! Enjoy!

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